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Personal Health

More information coming soon! For now, check out these free guided meditations from Health Journeys, courtesy of Kaiser Permanente.


Guided Meditations: Click here to go to the Kaiser Permanente website. It contains guided meditations for stress relief, sleep aid, allergy relief, grief, pain, and much much more. This is a great and totally free resource.



Environmental health



Have tires, electronics, waste oil, or other hard to recycle materials? The Shady Grove Transfer Station in Montgomery county accepts all of these things, including all regular recycling, flourescent light bulbs, rigid plastics, batteries, and more! Reduce and reuse if possible, and recycle when you can't!


Live in Prince Georges county? We have our own place to recycle things! Check out the Brown Station Road Landfill.  The Landfill has several recycling facilities within the complex, which include the Household Hazardous Waste Acceptance Site and Electronics Recycling Acceptance Site (Thursday, Friday and Saturday ONLY) and sites for yard waste, scrap tires and appliances (Monday through Saturday).


NTRecycling - Electronics Recycling: Electronics recycling can be difficult, but this organization is 100% Zero Waste, recycling or reusing all electronics. Visit their website for more information.



Special resources


Care to stay tuned to other amazing organizations here in the DMV area?  Here are some of our favorites! Let them know we sent ya! ;)



Bowie MD


Forested is a 10 acre forest garden just outside of Washington DC. What is a forest garden, you ask? A forest garden is agricultural system that mimics the structure of a forest - large overstory trees, smaller fruit trees, shrubs and berries, animals, ground covers, roots and mushrooms - these interacting layers comprise a complex and well designed system that allows for a diversity of crops. In our opinion, it's the future of agriculture, nevermind a large part of the history of agriculture!


They do a much better job of explaining it though - head on over to their site for a list of upcoming events, classes, and tours.



Charm City Farms:

Baltimore MD


Charm City Farms is an amazing organization  - know as a "folk school", the folks at Charm City Farm are dedicated to maintaining and bringing back traditional folk arts. With classes on everything from gardening to hide tanning, rabbit raising to wine making, mushroom cultivation to wild tea making to knitting, they have classes for just about anybody. 


Check them out!


Resource Page


This page is meant to be as full of free and low cost resources as possible.  The DC metro area is alive and teeming with all sorts of people, organizations, and programs. Our mission here is to share information and resources whenever possible, so that the whole community may benefit and elevate itself.  The information shared here will be focused on what we feel is important - personal health, natural health, recycling and reuse programs, and environmental sustainability.  Have a resource you'd like to see shared? Let us know and we can post it up along with the rest!